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Small-group Trips

Alithea believes that group travel is about much more than just moving from one place to another. Any travel company can organize logistics, book reservations, and provide anonymous, global tourism. All of Alithea’s trips provide experiences not found anywhere else and are designed on the principles of human connection, hospitality, and experiences of beauty and wonder.

School Trips

Travel is one of the most powerful forms of education. Like the root of the word ‘education’ itself, ‘to be led forth’, travel awakes the imagination by cultivating a deep sense of wonder and by shaping ideas into lived experiences.

When we travel, foreign languages are suddenly transformed into personal expressions, success is not measured by grades but by confidence gained. Simple interactions with locals, participating in traditions, and living history through the architecture of homes and cities can transform the work of education into the wonder of exploration. Places, people, cultures, and historic moments cease to be subjects of study and become the foods we eat, the music we hear, and the places we walk, touch, and see. Travel can be one of the most rewarding expressions of education; it can help to shape student’s affections by transforming them into real joys; it can take the seeds of interest and plant them in deep love of discovery.

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Travel for Change

One of Alithea’s founding principles is a commitment to disrupt cycles of poverty by sharing the experience of travel with young people whose social and economic circumstances would otherwise not permit it. Partnering with Hope Blooms, Alithea is proud to announce the launch of ‘Travel for Change’ whose mission is to explore and discover the world through principles of inclusivity, self-agency, empowerment, education, and a belief in the power of human-connectedness. 


A pilgrimage is an outer journey that expresses the inner movements of the heart, mind, and soul. Like clay to the potter’s hands, or stone and chisel to the sculpture, in pilgrimage, place becomes the raw material that reveals the sanctity of God in ourselves and the world. And by resolving to make a journey in ourselves we discover that our inner life is expressed in all that we do. Every step becomes a silent prayer, every meal becomes a feast, and every encounter with others recalls the love of God in neighbor.

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Small-group Trips


Our two week Latin adventure will begin in Bogota, the city of the clouds, and bring us through the little traveled yet inspiringly beautiful regions of Colombia. Together we’ll visit the Zona Cafetera, the coffee region; we’ll learn to dance salsa with the locals in Medellín; we’ll spend time with local artisans in Jericó; and with a local anthropologist as our guide we’ll share in the lives of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada. Our journey through Colombia will bring us through the rain forest and nature reserves, the colonial past, and the sun-gilded coast of the Caribbean as we share in the lives of locals along the way.

Small-group Trips


On our ten day journey through the haven of the Caribbean we’ll share in the lives of local architects, musicians, cooks, and dancers; we’ll experience the slowly fading elegance of Havana, and we’ll bask in the richness of culture on this sun-bejeweled island. Shrouded by an aura of mystery and intrigue, our journey through Cuba will reveal the enchanting double nature of this second world country caught between the idealism of the past and the economic challenges of its present. Together with our Alithea guide, a Cuban native, we’ll immerse ourselves in a behind-the-scenes trip defined by the beauty of lives of the locals we encounter along the way.